How to increase followers on Instagram (2019)

Instagram is an amazing platform to show off your modeling talent. Better photos lead to more followers, but that’s not true everytime. What if you have a good profile and still not having enough followers ? In this article i will be showing you best tricks and tips to increase your instagram followers quickly and effectively.

How to increase followers on Instagram 2019

Firstly, Keep in mind there are 2 kind of followers Active Followers and Inactive Followers. Active are those who likes your photos and sometimes comment on them, and inactive are the ones who doesn’t engage with your posts and they are just increasing numbers to your followers list.

Here i will show you how to get Active followers on Instagram.

Tip 1 : Link Facebook Account

How to increase followers on insatagram

Link your facebook account to instagram. This thing is very underestimated many of us think instagram and facebook has nothing to do with each other but thats not correct, linking your facebook account to instagram will have great impact on your active followers, as the followers will be known to you and they will engage with your posts on Instagram.

Tip 2 : Better Photos

how to increase followers on instagram

Better photos, more Fans. Those instagram models with thousands of followers on instagram are popular because of ther photography and modeling skills, improve your photos by editing it correctly with top rated apps like VSCO, PicsArt, and more.

Always have a theme to your profile i.e use the same filter on as much as photos that you could, this will make your profile look professional, also don’t forget to add a cool caption.

Tip 3 : Engage with people in search suggestions

how to increase followers on instagram

Want to increase your followers , try this. Like or even comment on pictures from your search suggestions, that one like or comment and give you an active follower. Remember engagement with your followers is the top most priority you should have which will help you to increase your followers on instagram.

Reply to comments and like other people photos and be active, this will definately increase your presence.

Tip 4 : Use Correct Hashtags

how to increase followers on instagram 2019

Hashtags has to do a lot with your profile, when posting any photos or videos use relevant hashtags. Use the hashtags which are most popular and known, hashtags are the key to increase your followers on instagram.

How to find hashtags ?  There are tons of apps available for free on play store, use one or research the best hashtag by yourself and use it.

Tip 5 : Lastly, Manage your Followers

how to increase followers on instagram 2019

Use some tools to quickly know who you are following and who is following you. Try downloading followers assistant premium apk available for free right here at This app will lets you do lots of things with your instagram and it will definately lead you to manage and increase your followers on instagram.

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