How to install spotify premium on ios( Easiest method)

spotify premium for iphone/ios

Spotify is one of the world’s most leading music streaming platform today.But unfortunately it is not available in India and it becomes more difficult for IOS users to install spotify++ so today in this article i will show you how to download and install spotify premium on ios the easiest way.

Download and Install spotify premium on ios here :


Features of Spotify premium on ios:

  • Shuffle play
  • Your Library/playlist
  • Download music and podcast
  • Spotify Radio
  • View lyrics
  • Podcasts
  • Videos
  • Play Queue and History

Steps to download and install spotify premium on ios :

  1.  Download App Valley for Iphone by clicking here.

iphone_App_Valley2. After Downloading it won’t work until you trust the app. Go to settings > General > Profile & Device Management > NARI Group corporation.


download spotify on iphone premium

download spotify on iphone

download spotify on iphone

3. Open App Valley Now it will run perfectly. Select Spotify++ there and download.

download spotify in india iphone

4. Now you need to install any VPN from App Store (if you are in INDIA). I am using flyvpn here.

download spotify on iphone in india

5. Connect to any FREE country in Fly vpn then open spotify and create your account.

.download spotify on iphone

6. You’ve just installed spotify premium on ios in India.

download spotify on iphone

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