How to watch Netflix shows for Free (100% Working)

Everyone needs entertainment and netflix serves it well.So in this tutorial I’m going to show you the best and simple way to watch all the netflix series, movies and TV Shows for free, without any hassle so lets get started.

How to watch Netflix shows for FREE

Basically Netflix has loads of TV shows and Movies in it and what we need is a platform which has it all. So here i am showing you 2 best platforms which are not officially available on playstore but are as cool as netflix itself, because it replicates netflix.

With this platforms you can Download Netflix series and movies for Free.

1. CyberFlix TV

How to watch netflix shows for Free

CyberFlix is an app that provides you the ablity to stream netflix for free. It has inbuilt video player or you can use your own.All the Features are available, you can access the subtitles and all the qualities including HD Streaming.

It completely imitates netflix in its own way and provies you the similar experience with a lot more functionalities to use.If you don’t want to pay for Netflix and still want to watch its shows this is the Best alternative for Netflx.

how to watch netflix shows for fee 2019How to watch netflix shows for FREE 2019How to watch netflix shows for FREE 2019

Download the latest CYBERFLIX TV APK 3.1.4 from below link :

Download Cyberflix Tv Apk : Here

2. Terrarium Tv :

How to watch netflix shows for Free

It is one of the oldest and top Netflix alternative to try. People are using it and are more than statisfied as it has everything that netflix has, You can watch all the series and movies even the latest one with just one click. Inbuilt media player, subtitles, HD Quality are some of the features that Terrarium TV offers.

You can use this app in cross-platforms just as Netflix, Android, TV, PC, Fire TV etc.

How to watch netflix shows for free 2019How to watch netflix shows for free 2019

Download the latest version of Terrarium TV apk 1.9.10 from below link

Download Terrarium TV apk : Here

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